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  • Private Practice specializing in an effective short-term approach to addressing addictions, phobias, anxiety, pain, procrastination, and emotional or creative blocks. In addition to art therapy, practical alternative modalities are utilized when appropriate.
  • Interfaith Ministry services include pre-marital counseling, weddings, memorials, baby namings, baptisms, blessings, and inaugurations.
  • Expressive Arts Therapist at the Goodwill Industries Continuing Day Treatment program serving primarily adult schizophrenics.


  • The Alpha Workshops Studio School Lead Instructor - teaching and developing Decorative Arts curriculum for people with disabilities.
  • The Emotional Freedom Technique- as taught by Gary Craig, a meridian based Energy Pschology balancing the energies in the individual's system for emotional freedom on any issue.
  • Progressive classes concentrating on self-awareness and development using C.O.R.E. ideology. This is grounded in applying quantum principles to understanding and fulfilling one's life.
  • "Self-Discovery through Self-Expression" - a series of classes using multiple expressive art therapies: music, movement, painting, writing, and sound leading to fun, wonder, self-empowerment and change.
  • Reiki I, II, III & Mastership - the Usui and Unlimited Systems of hands-on healing
  • The InSight Drawing Method as trained by I.S. International - Students included NY City School teachers through the Cooper Hewitt Museum, cancer patients at Gilda's Club, learning disabled children and teens in Harlem and Brooklyn.
  • The Arts:

  • Decorative Painter independently contracted for customized work in residential and corporate interiors worldwide. Work includes major renovations to gilding objets d'art. Innovative techniques for wall finishes, cabinetry, murals, and customized paintings.
  • Interior Renovator at The Frick Collection, addressing restoration of entire building room by room and floor by floor.
  • DREAMROOMS Developer, assisting children of all ages to create a magical living space through music, paint, fabric, decoupage, airbrush, stenciling, etc., on their walls, furniture, ceilings, floors and canvases.
  • Showroom Manager of Troubetzkoy Paintings, Ltd., NYC, a fine art gallery selling customized copies of paintings from 17th - 20th Centuries to architects, interior designers, and private collectors.
  • Fine Art Painter at Troubetzkoy Paintings, Ltd., applying specific techniques for copying oil paintings for auction houses, galleries, designers, and collectors. Helped to produce 198 paintings for Martin Scorcese's film "The Age of Innocence".
  • Art Restorer and Publicist for the Club of American Collectors of Fine Arts, Inc. Restoration of the world's largest collection of European antique posters including works by Toulouse Lautrec, Jules Cheret, Alphonse Mucha,, etc. Managed nation-wide antique shows and created all advertising, brochures, articles, and press kits.


  • The Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology
  • The Resonance Re-Patterning Association
  • The Urantia Book Association of Greater New York.
  • The Catalog Raisonne Scholars Association
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